If you use a vinyl cutter/plotter or a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo, then you have probably already heard the term “weeding” before. For those of you that haven’t, here is what it is!

Weeding is the term used by many crafters/artists/businesses that use vinyl as a means to decorate, or create things with, and it is the process in which we remove the vinyl that we DO NOT WANT to incorporate into our designs. So basically, we are “WEEDING” the material that we don’t want from the material that we DO want. Today I want to talk a little bit about another version of weeding called “Reverse Weeding”.

Reverse Weeding gets it’s name from the fact that in usual weeding, you keep the vinyl on the backing paper, however, with reverse weeding you use transfer tape to weed your design. The transfer tape actual holds the design in place so that you don’t lose any of your tiny pieces, and your pieces won’t slide around on the backing paper!

I recorded a video to demonstrate this process when I was working on one of my new designs for my new coffee design pack! It features three funny coffee “definitions”. I also have a wine “definition” design pack as well.


Check out the tutorial here! If you have any other types of tutorials that you want to see, be sure to leave me some comments! I love feedback from my followers!

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