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This is the third part of my tutorial series on Glitter Mugs! In this segment, you will find out how I apply my sparkle! As I have stated previously, I despise loose glitter! I have developed a technique that does not use mod podge OR loose glitter.That is right!! After airbrushing my color on, I use glitter PAINT to apply my sparkle! It doesn’t leave my mugs with the caked on/thick glitter lines!

Usually I use Martha Stewart’s Multi-Surface Glitter Paint. This time around I used folk art glitter paint which is just what I had on hand at the time! I apply the glitter paint with a flat acrylic wash brush. I apply as many coats and colors until I am satisfied, allowing for dry time in between coats! My next video will go over removing the tape, and applying the decal and finally I will have one last video on sealing my mugs!

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