One of my favorite techniques to teach in my painting classes is something that I call “the feather touch”. It is a blending technique that I use at least once in every single design. One of the folks in my wood sign painting group on Facebook (Silhouette Cameo Wood Creations and Signs) was having an issue with trying to paint a sunset on wood. I thought I would try to help them out by sharing one of my techniques that most people do not get access to without joining one of my classes!
So last night I decided to sit down and talk to myself/my computer and record pretty much my ENTIRE painting session. It took me a little under an hour, but I explained the technique and some other fun facts, tips, and tricks!  You can check out that video here.
My favorite brush to do this technique is called a “MOP BRUSH“! There are many different types of mop brushes, but my favorite one I purchased at Michaels in a set of brushes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it on hand when recording the video, due to my roommate at my art studio being ill! I was able to find something on the cheap side. I still prefer my original brush, but the cheap brush was sort of able to get the job done.

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Along with the full hour long video, I also did a time lapse version in case there might be some people that don’t want to listen to me drone on and on!



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