Okay. So we have all been there. We go to the craft store and see super cute embellishments that we would just LOVE to incorporate into our crafts… then we check out the price tag. We feel ourselves fumble and trip because we can’t throw the dang expensive things back onto the rack quick enough! “Four freakin’ dollars?! Four dollars for four little burlap flowers?! No way. That is a dollar per flower! There has to be a cheaper way to make these on my own!” That is what went through my mind when I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and found a bright spring colored set of rolled burlap flowers.

Luckily, I figured out a way to make at least four good sized burlap roses for a little over ONE dollar! I would love to share my process with you today. (You can thank me later.) That is right. One dollar and some change will get you a roll of brightly colored burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree. You can get a mini hot glue gun from Michaels for super cheap and you can get some mini hot glue sticks from Michaels as well! Craziness, I know!



Supplies List:
Spool of 2 inch burlap ribbon (color or your choice)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

Step 1: Using your ruler, measure out your ribbon to a length of at least 24 inches. (*Hint*- The longer you make it, the larger your flower will be.)

Step 2: Starting on the right end of you ribbon, fold one end of your ribbon down like a triangle. 17498929_1690033027958649_7720280979657786363_n

Step 3: Fold the edge to meet the inside edge of your triangle.


Step 4: Roll your ribbon to the left 2-3 times. (This is the start of your “center” for your flower.) 17498665_1690033417958610_5340091150656233896_n

Step 5: With your left hand, grab the “tail” of your ribbon from the bottom and fold it back, while rolling to the left with your right hand. (This may sound confusing, and it was confusing for me to try to figure out what to write to explain what I was doing, but you check out my video to show you how it is done.)

Step 6: Continue to repeat Step 5 over and over (while stopping for a second every few folds to add some hot glue here and there) until you run out of ribbon and finish it off with a good dose of the glue.

Step 7: Cut off your flower “stem” and put a drop or two of glue to seal the edges of burlap from fraying.

Step 8: Draw a small circle on your heavy cardstock and cut it out with your scissors.

Step 9: Glue your cardstock circle to the back of your flower.

Step 10: Stand back and marvel at what you have created for very little money!

Here is the video for any one else that is a visual learner (like me!) If you enjoyed this tutorial, share it with your friends, or pin it to your favorite crafting board!



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