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I know it is wayyyyy too soon to be thinking about Christmas since we are only in March right now, but I wanted to share one of my best selling crafts that I have on my etsy! They these cute little arrow ornaments that scream the word “RUSTIC”! I just received an order for a Peter Pan themed baby shower and I thought that was super cool, since people aren’t just using them for their Christmas trees! Well, without further ado, here is how you make them!



A Real Twig (from the rustic outdoors)
Feathers (not from the rustic outdoors, but from a craft store, like Michaels)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Thin Jute Cord/Hemp Cord/String
Large Wooden Beads

Step 1: Find a twig (notice I said twig, not branch, my daughter brought me a huge branch from outside and told me to make her an ornament with it!) from the outdoors. Then bring it inside.

Step 2: Fold a piece of cardstock in half one time. Cut a triangle on the fold so that when finished cutting, you will have two connected triangles pointed in different directions!

Step 3: Cut a half circle shape in the middle of the triangle, on the fold.

Step 4: Put hot glue on the inside of the folded triangle (this is our arrowhead, by the way) and immediately stick the twig through the circle in the arrowhead and press down around the edges.

Step 5: Put a few drops of hot glue into your large wooden bead. DO NOT fill the bead completely full with hot glue! Immediately put it on the empty end of your twig.

Step 6:  Fill the end of the bead that is not connected to the twig with more hot glue and immediately place your feathers into the glue in the bead.

Step 7: Cut a small length of your twine/string/jute cord. Put a small strip of hot glue on the twig right next to where the cardstock arrow head begins and begin to wrap your string around the twig where the glue is. I usually wrap it around 3 times. Do the same for the other side of the twig where the bead starts.

All FINISHED! Be sure to post photos of your finished project! If you enjoyed this, share with your friends and subscribe to our youtube channel for more tutorials! Check out the video STEP BY STEP below!