By Jessica Ansley of Artbucket Creations

Sometimes we just need to hit things. I love this project because after a REALLY long week, I was able to release some stress by hitting the old nail on the head..with a large hammer. After completing this project, I felt twenty times better! I hit those nails as hard as I could, and blew off some steam, and then relaxed by zoning out and weaving string in between the nails. HERE IS HOW I DID IT! If you are a visual learner like me, be sure to watch the video!


Supplies List:
Wood (I used a 1×12 common board pine piece that was 21 inches long)
Wood Conditioner (Not Necessary, but helps get an even stain)
Stain color of your choice (I used Ebony by Minwax)
Silhouette Cameo
1 inch trim nails
embroidery floss/crochet thread/natural cord/jute cord
artificial flowers of your choice

Step 1: PREPARE YOUR WOOD! Sand your wood well, apply wood conditioner, and stain.

Step 2: Apply your vase decal design.

Step 3: Using 1 inch trim nails, begin hammering nails around the outside of your design, alternating sides to be sure there is the same number of nails on each side! DO NOT ADD NAILS ACROSS THE TOP OF THE VASE! Be sure all nails are straight up and not tilted to the side.

Step 4: Begin stringing your design by tying a traditional knot around one of the top nails. After the knot, begin weaving in and out of all of the nails. (See video for this part )Once you reach the other side, begin working your way backwards, weaving around the nails the opposite way.

Step 5: Weave across to your other top nail. Then weave back across to the other side, skipping every other nail on each side.

Step 6: After reaching the bottom, work your way towards the top by stringing all of the ones you skipped on the way down. End at the top by tying a knot!

Step 7: Add your flowers by simply sliding your flower stem underneath your string at the top of your vase!