By Jessica Ansley of Artbucket Creations

Years ago, I painted a mural on my wall that got the attention of a lot of art lovers in my local area. Over night I got about four requests for the same design on canvas! I called it “True Love Grows” and it is still one of my best selling canvas painting designs. I would customize each painting with a couple’s names in the bark or in the sky. Now I am excited to announce that I have made my best selling canvas design into an SVG/Cutfile for all of my fellow crafting friends! You can check that out HERE.


Here are a few amazing finished pieces painted on wood from a few fans! This one is done by Peggy C. from Sandy Porch Studios! Check it out! They are SOOOOO beautiful! Check out that background!


Here is another one painted by a friend of mine, Sharlene S. from A Way With Words. Check out more of her work!



Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about my favorite canvas design! I hope if you decide to grab that file, that you will love it as much as I loved making it for you guys!