So I’m currently on vacation in Disney World… and on my way down to Florida, I had an epiphany moment. 

I realized that I don’t want Crafting While Adulting to be comprised of only my tips and tricks, but other crafters that might have a tip or trick up their sleeve! Coming soon C.W.A. will have a few NEW authors which means even MORE amazing crafting content! 

I can’t wait to get home and get started with this new idea and I already have TWO new authors on board, that are ready to share their ideas with you! 

Also coming soon is a email list that you can subscribe to, to find out about all of our new posts and maybe even some amazing giveaways that will be coming up! 

Stay tuned! And if you are interested in being a contributor to Crafting While Adulting, please leave me a comment below!! 

Check out my YouTube VLOG that talks a bit more about what will be coming up!