Hey folks! It is has been awhile and a lot of craziness has happened in my life. I won’t get into details, but I wanted to share something that has changed my life and made me realize that mixed media art is the only kind of art I will ever need. (Okay that is a lie, but it is a really cool type of art, nonetheless.)

One of my first brushes that I made

Today, I want to talk to you about ALTERED PAINT BRUSHES (See photo above) and MIXED MEDIA ART.

Mixed media art is where you use more than one medium, such as acrylic and oil paints together, or wood and canvas. I think you catch my drift. There are different types of Mixed Media art. One of my favorites is altered art, which is where you recycle, or upcycle, something and turn it into a work of art. Lately, I have been having an amazing time with creating altered paint brushes. I use old chip brushes or even cheap new ones, and turn it into a work of art.  I originally saw this idea on Finnabair’s blog and I haven’t been able to stop making them.

I have been scouring the internet for different mixed media and altered art tutorials and I have come across quite a few good ones. I decided to take the plunge and try them for myself. They are actually super easy, and quite fun to make. It is nice to just let my mind wander and add whatever trinkets I see fit to my paint brushes. I have been trying many different products lately. So far, my two favorite lines are Finnabair’s product line from Prima Marketing Inc. and of course Tim Holtz products.

My “Guitar” themed altered brush.

My guitar themed altered brush used multiple products and is definitely the most in depth of my brushes that I  have made so far. I use modeling paste by Finnabair to create the “frets”. I used little jewelry clasps to create the tuning pegs, and Tim Holtz’s hitch fasteners to create the screws that held the “strings” which were made out of beading wire, which was connected to both the fasteners and a sawtooth hanger. I painted the sawtooth hanger, the “tuning pegs”, the fasteners, and the “frets” with Liquid Gold Leaf. The music background was made using  Tim Holtz Washi Tape, and the blue paint is one of Tim Holtz distress paint shades.
This particular brush took me 6 hours to make. The connecting of the strings to the sawtooth hanger and fasteners took the highest amount of time and patience.

I will include some photos of some other brushes I have made so far. The possibilities are literally endless! You could add some magnets to the back of them to turn them into refrigerator magnets. You could also turn them into a complete show piece by mounting them into a shadow box frame as I did with the one in the photo below! (Future tutorial on how I made the cool textured background of my shadow box frame!)


Framed, “Be You Bravely”



Cool looking, right?? When I first started posting photos of these to my facebook page, people thought they were really cool, but they weren’t sure where they would put just the brush by itself. Once I put them in the frames, I got my first custom order and a lot more interest, because they look more like a cohesive piece of artwork! Plus, the frames protect the brushes from dust, and other people’s fingers!

Here is a custom order that I just finished earlier tonight. They wanted something “star inspired” and requested a specific quote. The end resulted in my “Galaxy Brush”.


One of my recent favorites is this floral one that I call “Rose Gold”. Which was inspired by the recent rose gold color fad and lets be honest, roses never go out of style! I used lace ribbon for texture and more Liquid Gold Leaf, along with a lot of gesso and a few silk flowers.

Rose Gold

What do you think of this interesting type of art? Do you think it is something that you would want to try? Leave me some ideas of other themes that you would like to see in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this post, as always. share with your friends or Pin it on your favorite pinterest board!

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