Hey folks, Jessica here!

Long time no talk!! I have been busy with sooo many new and different things, for starters… JEWELRY.. more about that later.

I wanted to share another marvelous sign painted by our own Peggy Cole. Her magical hot mess technique tutorial has taken the world by storm! And rightfully so, as it is a beautiful and unique technique.

She worked on this one today, and I just had to share it!


Here was her first photo she shared with me. Here you can see her colorful background, and her decal placed on the wood, ready to be painted during the next step.


After painting with white, then dry brushing gray, she removes the decal! What a beautiful design!


After a little bit more staining and sanding, she adds her words to complete her piece and seals with wax! So gorgeous!!

If you love this design, get it here from one of my all time favorite design websites, Vinyl Designs Cut & Create!

Leave us a comment below on your favorite design ideas that you used for your Hot Mess paintings! ❤ And if you have not seen our tutorial for this technique, check it out here!

Until next time, Sayonara!


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