Let’s try something new! Who didn’t like to finger paint as a child? I have been collecting and trying different gilding waxes for awhile. I use them in my textured art. While doing, this I realized that you could layer the colors. Depending on how you do this, it can blend the colors, change the color, or cover up a mistake. Then I decided to try using the waxes without texture! (Check out my texture tutorial here!)

You can also use them instead of paint with a stencil! Why not? It’s just wood! You can always sand away your “oops” and start over. Too bad life is not like that!

So let’s get started with this cute mermaid from Fun Lurn Svgs.


  1. The first thing I did was lay down the base for the mermaid tail. I used a color called “green patina” by Dixie Belle. I like the look it gives the other colors that I layer over it and the way it makes the scales stand out.





2. Next, I added the color for the skin. I used Rose Gold Metallic Lustre by DecoArt. I applied the color
lightly with my fingertips and also used a Q-tip to get into the tight areas. Do you see the mistake I made in the picture? No worries, we can fix that.



fingerpainting4 3. After that, I added the purple (Inka-Gold makes a beautiful violet shade) for the seashell bra. You will need your Q-Tip for this. Do you see how I simply covered the rose gold mistake that I made on the bra with purple? It covers it right up.


fingerpainting5 4. Next, I did the lovely red hair. I used a Finnabair Art Alchemy wax in Fire Ruby. I came back later
and added a touch of Rich Copper Finnabair wax to give the hair some depth and dimension.




fingerpainting6 5. Now let’s get back to making the tail beautiful. We are going to use several colors and start layering them over the scales. I started with the turquoise and just choose random scales. Then I used the purple that I used on the seashell bra and rubbed it over the scales in random areas. Some scales
only got a touch. Just lightly stroke the color on in some areas. Then I added the pink in areas. If you are satisfied with the look then you can move on to the Finnabair Opal Magic wax. I had the Royal Robes Color and the turquoise. I added turquoise over the areas that were already turquoise and used the Royal Robes shade over the pinks and purples. Just lightly stroke. You don’t need to completely color. This will give a shimmery iridescent look that will shift colors as the tail is moved in the light.


6. Now it is time to work on those words. I used the turquoise and my fingertips. I just rubbed the color over the words. Just keep adding the color until you like the look. Then at this point I decided to stroke some gold highlights over the words, the tail, and a little in the hair. I used a gold Craft Smart brand from Michael’s.


Now you are ready to remove the stencil. Carefully lift the stencil and then weed out any parts left behind. Now ooh and ahh over your work. It’s required you know! Set it aside until the next day and then buff or rub with a soft cloth. Done!

Now, for the things I forgot to say! Make sure your stencil is pressed down really good. I used contact paper. Once again, I am cheap like that. Baby wipes are your friend. I used them to clean my fingers in between colors. Now if I could just figure out a use for the pretty colored baby wipes after they dry! Don’t be afraid to try something new or experiment with supplies you already have. I also forgot to say that I lightly added a touch of pink over the rose gold skin color. Just to give a Rosie look. I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

As always, share with your fellow crafty friends and pin it to your favorite pinterest boards!


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