Okay! So this is where everything gets a little crazy! People have been confused as to why I do this part of the process, but the answer is simple. For me, LESS IS MORE! I hate the caked on, thick feeling of the glitter! This next part of the process is how I avoid that!

Want to know my trick? It is only one word! AIRBRUSH. Yep. That is right. I airbrush my mugs! I feel like it gives me the sleek and streamlined appearance that I want for my mug! More color with the airbrush paint = less mess for the glitter and glue! You can still get the appearance of sparkle with the appearance of color! Part three of the series focuses on the glitter aspect! This just focuses on the COLOR aspect!

I use Testor Airbrush Paints to paint my mugs. After allowing them to dry completely after many coats (with dry time between), I like to bake my painted mugs at 350 degrees for about 15-20 mins. Make sure to put the ceramic mugs into the oven BEFORE turning it on. Most craft/regular glass and ceramic needs to heat up slowly and cool down slowly. An abrupt change in temperature WILL cause your mug to shatter/crack! I learned this the hard way. Please learn from my mistakes! The same goes with cooling down. I like to shut the oven off and leave it in there with the oven door cracked so that it can slowly reach room temperature again.

I forgot to talk about cleaning your airbrush in the video!!! It is VERY important to clean your airbrush after every use! Every airbrush brand is different. Please research how to clean YOUR specific airbrush the correct way!

Here is my video for the tutorial series!

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