By Jessica Ansley of Artbucket Creations

I am one of those people that try to stay on top of the latest crafting trends. Especially if they involve one of my vinyl cutting machines. One trend that is making a HUGE comeback lately are those adorable custom doormats. I have seen funny ones with quippy sayings. I have seen the classic family name or monogram ones. It is really all about your personal preference or that of your customers.

Now, you can use most any type of doormat. I find that most people tend to use the "Coir" doormats made of coconut fibers. I found out the hard way that I am sensitive to that type of mat, but found that I could work with Jute doormats just fine.

matIf you are someone that has a vinyl machine like me, such a silhouette cameo, you can make these pretty easily!

Supplies List:
Blank doormat
Behr Marquee  Paint Samples or Regular Acrylic Paint ***UPDATE! I have since found a new paint that i prefer to use and it fabric spray paint by Tulip!***
Flat acrylic paint brush or Stenciling brush
Silhouette Cameo or Vinyl Cutting Machine
Cardstock or Oracal 651 (In the video I used cardstock, but you can try 651 as well.)
Straight Pins (If using cardstock, you can use straight pins for holding cardstock in place)
Sticky Cutting Mat (for Cutting In Your Machine)
Electrical Tape

Bridging Stencils

So creating your custom doormat starts with learning how to bridging your stencils for your designs. I use the silhouette program for doing this, but basically, you have to cut small parts from your letters that have "middles" or "islands" as they are sometimes called. These are letters such as "A, B, O, P, R, Q, D" and some others depending on the font style. If we don't create bridges for these letters, the middle parts will be lost. I have created a quick video tutorial on using the silhouette software to do this.

Hopefully that helps with understanding why bridging stencils is important, especially if you can't use transfer tape or are using cardstock as your stencil material. This is also how you would make reusable stencils with a mylar or reusable stencil material.

Painting Your Mat

Next up is the tutorial on setting up your cutting mat and painting your door mat! My first time around, I used a coir doormat with a cardstock stencil, and used straight pins to keep my cardstock in place. That worked pretty well. The second time, I used a jute mat and tried using electrical tape to hold everything in place, and that didn't work out so well, so I ended up just holding it with my fingers while painting. Check out that video here!


Mockups are a very useful tool when in a crafting or art business. You see them frequently used by fashion or T-shirt companies, and they look like floating t-shirts with the designs graphically added to the clothing or object. This makes it easy for made to order items to be presented to the customer, before actually doing all of the work. That way, if the customer doesn't like the design, you don't waste your product and most importantly your time. Luckily, I was able to create multiple mockups specifically used for the doormat projects! You can find them on my thehungryjpeg shop!

PicMonkey Collage

Here is a video on how you can utilize these mock ups in your silhouette studio program!

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