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If you knew my mama, the first thing you'd think of when someone says her name is "creative." Right now, she's probably wearing a funky dress she threw together this morning before running errands with a handmade necklace that features pictures of the people she loves the most. If I know her at all, she's got a spoon bracelet on as well and her hair in a top knot (it makes it easier for her to craft with all that hair out of the way.)

Joni (she's got a creative name too) can make breakfast, hem dad's pants, and throw together a craft project for her Sunday school class before walking out of the door at 8:30 am. She gets excited about creating new things. She was crafty before crafty wasn't cool.

Need a huge school project done tonight? Joni handled it. Senior year prom dress comes in way too small and your world feels like its ending right there? Joni handled it.

When I say she can do it all, she can do it all.

Thanks to her I always had the best school projects and presentations. I remember one time I had to do a solar system project. Instead of using foam balls like all the other kids, we crafted the whole thing from scratch. That thing could've won an award.

I always had some pretty cool outfits too. My favorite outfit she ever made me was the one I wore when my parents got married. It was a matching dress and sweater that had blue checks and cherries all over it. I even had a matching headband.

I unfortunately can't draw or paint or whip up a skirt in a matter or minutes. I can't see something on Pinterest and know I can make it for a fraction of the cost. I can't create my own pattern from a stack of newspapers. I don't have a room that would give OCD people an anxiety attack because there's fabric everywhere.

I used to think that's the only kind of creative there was. That you were either creative in that way or you weren't creative at all. But Joni helped me discover my own kind of creativity. The kind that has to do with words.

Joni taught me how to sew a button on (my future husband better thank her for that), that a Bernina  is the only type of sewing machine you could possibly own, and that there are indeed scissors that are only allowed to touch fabric (I learned my lesson quickly). But, most importantly she taught me to be myself-whatever that may be or look like.

There's never been a day that Joni has apologized for her uniqueness, she embraces it and shares it with others. Her creative spirit has taught me that being you and using your talents to better this world is the best thing you can possibly do. Her creativity has sparked a creativity within me that I never would have found without her. She has allowed me to dream big and imagine a life that will never include being ordinary.

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