Step Up Your Game!


With some careful planning you can step up your Magical Hot Mess! Like with these flowers. You don’t want the leaves to be pink but how will you know where to paint green?


Lay your stencil, still attached to the backing paper, on the board in the proper location. You can cut the left over backing paper close to the outside of stencil with scissors.

Lift the edges up and draw with chalk in the general area you want the leaves to be. I also mark the area where the center of the flower will be. Those are the areas that you will not want to paint the petals colors. You may get a little of the colors there but that can always be fixed later or sanded back.


I do the leaf colors first. Then I add the yellow for the centers, followed by the color of the flowers.

Also shown are some of the brushes I use. I don’t use expensive brushes because my house is where brushes come to die. Wood is hard on brushes and so am I! Next add your stencil and as shown in the previous tutorials go over the stencil with white being careful not to push paint under the stencil. After the white is dry, lightly brush on the gray in streaks over the white , let dry and then your are ready to pull the stencil up and admire your magic. At this point you can sand away as much of the gray as desired. I also lightly sand over the design. Sanding causes the colors to blend and soften the brush strokes. Now you are ready to add your words. The design for these beautiful flowers can be found here in the February bundle. What a great deal!


Last but not least another way to step up your game is to paint the sides of your sign with the colors you used in the sign. Let them blend together. I have framing and this way makes it cute without framing! Happy painting Y’all!

Oh… PS. One VERY  talented designer caught on to all of the “Hot Mess Madness” and she created a design bundle with the Hot Mess Technique in mind! These designs are easy to weed and make beautiful signs! Add your favorite quotes to create a one of a kind sign! Snatch up the design here along with several other designs that work well for Hot Mess:



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