By Jessica Ansley of Artbucket Creations

In my wood sign group, I had many people request that I do a tutorial on how I apply glitter to my wood signs. As most of you know from previous posts and tutorials, I HATE loose glitter.  Awhile back I came across an awesome product known as “Glitter Blast” by Krylon. This is a spray-on glitter product that doesn’t leave me with the mess of loose glitter!

When it comes to applying it to wood, it is as simple as pressing a button! I prepared my wood piece by sanding and staining it. Then I cut my stencil/design out of vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo. I made sure to leave extra vinyl around my design so that I could spray my glitter without worrying about it getting on the parts of the wood that didn’t have the design. I applied my design and then painted it with chalk paint and then sprayed my glitter blast over the design.

Afterwards, before my spray glitter dried, I removed the extra vinyl from around my design. Once all of the vinyl was removed, I was left with my sparkly Marilyn design! Check out the quick video I made!


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